"Forget everything you learned"—this is the unconventional welcome often given to new graduates on their first day in the legal profession. While it serves more as a nod to tradition, this statement reflects the profound transformation that every professional experiences.

Centil is now accepting applications for the Autumn Hell Week 2024 cohort. This intensive training course is designed for law school students and young lawyers in Uzbekistan. Participants will be plunged into the dynamic setting of a professional consulting firm, where they will engage in a rigorous week-long program aimed at sharpening the essential skills needed to excel as a lawyer.

We will select up to 25 promising students and young lawyers to join the program. Following the course, up to five outstanding trainees will have the opportunity to join Centil—the premier law firm in Central Asia, recipient of The UK Law Society's "Excellence in International Legal Services" award in 2016 and 2018, and a five-time nominee for The Lawyer's "Law Firm of the Year: Russia & CIS" award.
Course contents
THEORY: Extensive lectures from partners and senior lawyers on the theory of consulting, law and tax.
RESEARCH: Identifying and compiling the ten most relevant laws relating to a specific topic, elaborating on making those choices.
DECOMPRESSION / HYPER-COMPRESSION: Expanding one paragraph of text to a three-page text and compressing five pages of material to half a page.
CONTRACTS: Understanding how to verify the structure of a complex agreement and its versions in different languages.
MEMO: Producing a summary report of no more than 5 pages based on a pile of documents.
NEGOTIATIONS: Teaming up into groups to conduct negotiations, acting out various scenarios.
GAME: Taking part in a game specially designed to develop trainees' attention span and attention to detail.
EXAM: Attendees will need to run through a final exam to implement the skills, while working as a team.
Meet the lecturers
The best professionals work at Centil.
Be it a multi-billion US dollar cross-border deal or a complex industry reform, these engineers of transactions and exemplary practitioners are a true source of unparalleled experience and knowledge.
  • Umid Aripdjanov
    Partner, Infrastructure & Energy
    Years in profession: 26
    Education: Case Western Reserve School of Law (LLM Cum Laude)
  • Nazira Allambergenova
    Senior associate, Tax
    Years in profession: 10
    Education: Tashkent State University (BA)
  • Natalya Kim
    Counsel, Project Finance
    Years in profession: 14
    Education: Columbia Law School (LLM)
  • Sabina Sapparova
    Senior associate, Commercial Contracts
    Years in profession: 10
    Education: Westminster International University in Tashkent (LLM)
  • Husniddin Ochildiyev
    Partner, Banking & Finance
    Years in profession: 13
    Education: The University of Cambridge (LLM)
  • Islam Gulyamov
    Partner, Commercial Contracts & Digital
    Years in profession: 12
    Education: The University of Westminster (BA), UWED (LLM)
  • Dilshad Khabibullaev
    Partner, Transportation
    Years in profession: 22
    Education: The University of Arizona (LLM)
  • Maksud Karaketov
    Partner, Corporate & M&A
    Years in profession: 12
    Education: Nagoya University (Japan) (LLM, LD)
  • Khayrullo Abdullaev
    Senior associate, Banking & Finance
    Years in profession: 11
    Education: Anglia Ruskin University (BSc), the University of Law (GDL, LPC, London, UK)
  • Maksim Sayfutdinov
    Senior associate, Compliance & Risk
    Years in profession: 11
    Education: Tashkent Institute of Law (BA)
  • David Tagiev
    Associate, Corporate and M&A
    Years in profession: 6
    Education: Westminster International University in Tashkent (LLB)
  • Otabek Suleimanov
    Partner, Projects & Finance
    Years in profession: 23
    Education: The University of Sheffield (LLB)
Training program
Along with practical sessions, attendants will get concise and valuable theoretical introductions into key sectors.
Dates of each lecture slot will be announced accordingly.
Expect in total 14 hour of daily engagement.
The world of corporate legal consulting often requires concentration at extreme levels of intensity.

The Hell Week training course serves as a powerful means to enhance legal and analytical skills, uncover hidden talents, and refine one's focus when selecting a lifelong profession.
Feedback from participants
Our partners
Eligibility: (1) Good command of English and (2) Completion of penultimate or final year of a law degree in Uzbekistan.

The selection process is conducted in two stages. Initially, we assess candidates' writing skills. Those who advance to the next round will receive an invitation for an interview.

To apply for the Hell Week program, please download the provided file and prepare its brief summary report, and submit it—along with your CV—to the email address listed below. All submissions must be received by 11:59 PM on July 1, 2024. Please ensure that the summary report does not exceed 200 words.

Good luck!
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